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technology and innovation that are occurring are coming out of companies that are venture-capital- backed. Resch is very confident of the future of U.S. solar energy. "Where we ar


lement the international agreements. The state-run Palestinian news agency Wafa quoted Abbas as saying during his meeting with visiting Greece Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas i.


e participating colleges to host sit-ins and readings, in which they can spread awareness about the Occupy Wall Street movement and how they can become involved at a grassroots l.


program. Executive Order 13382 is aimed at freezing the assets of " Weapons of Mass Destruction proliferators and their supporters thereby isolating them from the U.S. financial .


Port au Prince, Haiti's capital, and in the southeast of Miami, the United States. The second earthquake with magnitude of 3.1 occurred at 4:14 a.m. local time (0814 GMT) in the ea.

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isit, Obama will meet with leaders of the region to analyze a variety of different topics, including economy prosperity, job creation through increased trade, energy and security.

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genocide, political analyst Sedat Laciner told Xinhua in Ankara. "The United States should understand that if it needs Turkey, it has to be more polite," said Laciner, director o.

back, accusing Paulo Preto who has ties with Serra of committing various frauds. The two candidates have been launching accusations against each other in the past four weeks of the.

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